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Only two ingredients are needed in CBD Oil. CBD is so potent that it successfully absorbs it into your system without interference from the liver. A natural flavoring is also used to offset the taste of CBD; we use pure phyto-cannabinoid rich hemp oil and a mild natural flavor. You don’t have to shake it and it does not need refrigeration.



A pure, chemical-free environment. Nothing Comes Close

Good Manufacturing Practices Certified. The government monitors all processes and ensures what the label says is exactly what is in the bottle. Very few companies qualify to carry this seal.




The US government classifies 0.3% THC or lower as zero THC. Depending on which product you purchase from CTFO, we have between 0.000% and 0.2% THC – well Below this US government regulation.




CTFO is the only company with worldwide exclusive rights to the patented 10xPURE™ CBD Hemp Oil.. Studies show that CBDa has as many health benefits as CBD and our 10xPURE™ gets both to the areas of the body that need it, in perfect form. And a whole lot more

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